Cominotti SRL was established in 1963 in Valsabbia, one of the three valleys of province of Brescia in the north of Italy, land of old traditions in metals processing, standing out over the years for manufacturing talents, quality of its products and impeccable reliability with Customers and suppliers.

The pioneer was Guerrino Cominotti, long sighted businessman and particularly able to infuse his passion into his children Mauro and Serena who are now governing the Company.

The third generation is represented by Michele, Mauro’s son, a young technician inspired to seek new solutions which make Cominotti SRL maintain its products at the levels of excellence without compromises.


At the dawn of the 20s of this century and after almost fifty years of work and investments, the Company boasts unique process and product innovations in the industry of toilet seats hinges, made of brass, Alzar, stainless steel and AB carbon.

With the “soft close” hinges taking over the market, Cominotti SRL distinguished for creativity and design capabilities, expanding the products offer in a way to cover almost all the possible combinations between the WC toilet and the seat.

Up-to-date production facilities, tireless processes and products improvement and care in following up the Customers requirements are the reasons which explain the Company success and allow the massive investments in R&D and in new models design, with great consideration for the environment.

Cominotti SRL supplies the main toilet seats manufacturers with hinges suitable to their different materials: Duroplast/urea, polyesther resin, SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound), painted MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), solid, multi-layer and painted timber.